About Lisa

Lisa Robyn Deutsch is a designer and decorator with exquisite artistic taste.  She has decorated films, television shows and commercials throughout her career. Lisa’s clients include NBC, ABC, MTV, HBO, Warner Brothers, Universal and Disney.  She has given great vision to films, including the Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and Barb Wire with Pam Anderson; music videos for Cee Lo Green, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Stevie Wonder and Michael Bolton; and commercials for Honda, Mazda, Budweiser and Gap among others.  Lisa connects with directors, producers and writers to create extraordinary visions and sets.

As a stylist, Lisa helped create the W hotel vision.  Her eye for detail and expression is extraordinary.  She has designed many home interiors and has lived in California, Aspen and Maui. Lisa currently resides in Malibu with her two children.

Lisa is a spiritual photographer and has been shooting for over 25 years.  Her photography has appeared in films, television shows, commercials, W hotels and galleries in Maui and Aspen. The essence of her photography is seeing the beauty in simplicity, feeling the energy of love, faith and peace and the beauty in the world around her. Her company Soulful Design creates beautiful prints, wallpaper, bedding, rugs, and jewelry with sacred affirmations! Love life, passion, bliss, hope, gratitude, believe, goddess, and trust!

Lisa has worked with the Aspen Youth Experience, an organization empowering at risk youth to make positive choices designing events and raising capital in incredible ways.  Lisa is about helping others thrive and continue to be positive in their lives.

“Lisa’s design, vision and heart are to be honored and appreciated.  Her eye reveals beauty and messages that others don’t see.  She not only provides these miraculous revelations with images and meaning, she distills complexities with perceptions that calm and shape the understanding of fundamental things.  That strengthens my love and admiration for Lisa and her work.”